Fiber Tweet

Tweet without limits. is a browser extension that allows you to write tweets without character length limitation on is a completely free service of Turkcell Superonline. By installing this extension on your browser, you can read contents your own and the others who use the FiberTweet. Users who haven't installed FiberTweet are able to access the content with a short link ( provided by

How can i use FiberTweet?

The only thing you need to do is downloading the extension by clicking the browser logo on the right side and install it with a double click. After you’ve installed the extension restart your browser (if necessary for your browser).


I’ve installed the addon but it’s not working. Why?

One of the reasons may be you are using the browser other than the browser you installed the addon. For example if you are using Firefox browser, your addon must be firefox addon. The other reason may be your browser is not updated for the version which the addon is compatible. Please update your browser.

Why isn't the language of addon English?

You have the addon according to your choice of language on twitter. You need to change the language in twitter setup to the language you want.